Saturday, October 4, 2008


My little one is growing up before my very eyes!! She will be 7 on October 7th! To celebrate, Karsyn wanted to invite 3 friends to Libby Lu's in the mall for a "make-over," dinner and.... yep, a slumber party! Garry and I are officially parents!! We survived our first true slumber party! 4 little girls, lots of giggles and not much sleeping!! Libby Lu's was a blast... as you can see from the pictures! We went to Chili's afterwards and ate and opened gifts! Then home for cake and sleep! (yeah, right!!) Actually, they were great! They whispered and giggled, while watching Camp Rock, and gave in to heavy eyes about midnight! Some of them slept "lightly" in order to salvage the hair! And they were hard at it again by 7am!! We then loaded up and went to Kaleb's football game! (where Kaleb met us after spending the night with a friend to avoid the girly girl stuff!) Needless to say, everyone crashed after a busy day and not much sleep the night before!
Here are some pictures!! They are such little divas!!

The next day!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Live!!

So the last Friday of the month at Bennett Elementary is celebrated with Friday Live!! It is sort of like a pep rally! They recognize those who have had outstanding months with shining star awards, Bennett Bear awards, etc.! Benny the Bear shows up and the cheerleaders cheer, and everyone gets loud!! This year, Karsyn is a cheerleader, and this was her first Friday Live to cheer at, and Kaleb ran and was elected to Student Council so they were taking the oath! Lots of fun stuff for the Gormans!! Here are some pictures...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another 5K...

So... I didn't have plans to run another race, as I am not sure that it is "my thing!" However, this one was in honor of our friend Abbie, who is in 4th grade at Bennett, and currently in a coma at Baylor's rehab facility in Dallas! She was in a car accident with her family 2 weeks ago and suffered severe injuries, including brain trauma. Please pray for her and her family!! Anyway, 1/2 of the race proceeds were going to her family, so we thought we would help out! Garry, Kaleb and I ran the 5K, and Karsyn ran the 1K! Our kids were so excited to do something to benefit Abbie and her family. (and I even shaved a minute off of my first race time!) Here are some pictures from the event!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Karsyn finally lost her other front tooth!! She is so excited and has already received her suprise from the tooth fairy! (whom she wrote a note to, to let her know she would like to keep her tooth!) Of course the tooth fairy left it for her!
Isn't she cute??

Monday, September 1, 2008

This one is for you Bri...

The race was called the Labor of Love (hence Labor Day!). The labor part I get!!! The love part... I need a little more convincing! Anyway... I completed my first race! Completed being the key word!! It was a 5K (3 miles) and Garry and Kaleb ran with me... and stayed with me. My goal was under 35 minutes and I did it in 34 minutes and some seconds. We haven't received official chip times yet... but I did it! Here are some after pics!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Football season is here! Kaleb is on the Longhorns again, and could hardly wait to pad up and get out there! His number is 72 and in this 1st picture he is the one in the middle facing you!! He has been having practice 3 to 4 nights a week and has his 1st game on Sept. 6th! We will keep you posted! His position is fullback, and he has even been carrying the ball some! Yikes!!